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The very best in B.C.

To give you the best catch we scout a variety of rivers to choose prime fishing grounds before each expedition. We invest this time in exploratory research to determine which river is in the best shape. We expend the energy to make your fishing expedition a worthwhile holiday from the first hello to “we will see you again". We take pride in this kind of care for every expedition. 

The Skeena River Valley (Sacred Circle) region, Terrace, located in Northern British Columbia is a fishing paradise. An abundant diversity of species is available all year round. For instance, Steelhead, Salmon, Trout. Take a less than 2-hour direct Air Canada or Westjet flight from Vancouver, B.C., North to Fly and Spey Fishing Paradise. We will take you into the remote reaches of rivers you would never expect. 

Todd Scharf

The best way to access these remote rivers is with a highly skilled jet sled pilot. 

Vancouver, BC native, registered, professional fly-fishing guide, adept Jet Sled pilot and master fly craftsman Todd Scharf is the leader in proper guide service. He can show you up-to-date fly and Spey instruction and technique from beginners to advanced. 


Born and raised in Vancouver, BC after years of fishing the Greater Vancouver region, Todd decided Terrace; home of the legendary Skeena River system is the best location to access many river systems and the biggest wild Steelhead, Salmon and Trout. Due to chaotic forces of nature, rivers sometimes blow out.  You can count on Todd’s knowledge about river and weather conditions.  He knows through years of experience which river is in the best shape for your expedition.  By Todd’s talent as a fisherman, his guide acumen, expertise as a professional jet sled pilot, master fly craftsmanship and as a connoisseur of the finest fishing equipment we are able to give you the very best chance at a great catch.  His complete guide service, positive attitude and skillful mobility will leave a lasting impression about the joy and beauty of fishing.  

Satu Susimaki

Your outstanding hostess Satu Susimaki is the Manager of Upstream Adventures Guiding Services Inc.  She possesses a clear focused pointed view toward obtaining health.  Satu has been a Type 1 Diabetic since she was 13 years old.  The Wellbeing Program at Upstream Adventures is formulated by Satu as she is a literal barometer for low and high blood sugars when it comes to food as a friend or a foe! 


Through her own ‘body education’ Satu understands how food is thy medicine by her own results through continual blood glucose monitoring.  With this inner knowledge, she has designed how all foods are served at the Legendary Skeena Steelhead Lodge.  Non-inflammatory and whole foods lead the orchestra.  An emphasis is placed on the proper order of food consumption, specific cooking techniques are used to reduce lectins and turning foods into resistant starch to reduce glucose spikes is kitchen forte.  Calculated consideration for every bite is the Upstream way.  


For the time you spend at The Legendary Skeena Steelhead Lodge you will have a chance to experience delicious creativity for Wellbeing and resting peacefully after a beautiful day of guided fishing.  Satu is so atypical, by the time you leave you will be more interested in taking control of your own health and becoming your own health advocate as she has practiced since she was 13. 


We are recognized for setting our service standards in excellence.  Our exceptional guide service, luxurious full-service accommodations and efficient staff reflect the highest degree of expertise, honesty and quality.  

Ask us about our sport fishing salmon experiences. Contact us today to book your fishing and lodging adventure.
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